Recently I returned (reluctantly!) from an artists' residency in Newfoundland..... hosted by 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects, based in Dunatara on the Bonavista Peninsula.  This was my second time in Duntara...I also spent three weeks there last fall, and I fell in love with the place all over again. I have never felt so much at home (outside of MY home, of course), from the astounding landscapes, the temperamental weather, and the people and their stories.  I learned what 110 kph winds do to ocean waves (and tiny rental cars!), that sunrise really is the best time to make photographs, that nothing beats fresh blueberries picked along a trail, and swimming in a wilderness pond surrounded by ancient hills is truly magical.  I found that everyone has a story they like to share, along with their fresh cod and jiggs' dinners, and discovered that the Newfoundland sense of humour we've heard about is alive and well.  Also, moose DO NOT adhere to the rules of the road, and a bag of really cool rocks in your suitcase can put you in the "overweight category" for the flight home. Thank you, Westjet, for not least, not in front of me.  

Posted on September 28 2016 top